We can’t not talk about arrowheads. Since the beginning of people being on this side of the Earth arrowheads have been made, used and found. You wouldn’t think this is super interesting but it actually. It is a hard thing to make too. When you have arrowheads you want them to last a very long time so a long time ago when they were first being made they had to find good durable material to make into the style of the people that made them. The Great Plains are a great source to use to find many different ones. The arrowheads that have been found are a great story telling of the people who made them. It tells of the kind of food they were eating, what the tools were being used for, possibly what happened in the areas they were found in, there are just so many different uses and ideas for arrowheads.

Folsom arrowhead
Late PaleoIndian
Early Archaic
Late Plains prehistoric

So yeah there is lots of options and even more if you wanted to look more into it from the internet.

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