Not everyone assumes that graffiti would be part of archaeology, but it is. When you think of archaeology you would assume its pots, buildings, arrowheads, figurines, rock art, simply put physical objects. I would argue that isn’t true, because from what I have learned is that it is anything human made that leaves a mark. So one can only assume that can also be applied to graffiti too. Humans leave their marks in an abundance of ways. Graffiti is no less diverse in that situation. From the class I took on graffiti it has given me a new appreciation for it. Lot’s of people are in agreement that graffiti is bad, not tasteful, not where it’s wanted. Yes sometimes its not where it’s wanted but from what I’ve seen I believe it is actually quite beautiful and can add to the place it is at.

It is in many ways a place for people to be social. Social because sometimes these people get together and do graffiti as a group. It get’s outsiders to look at and talk about it. Sometimes its only where the artists go to look and it is circulated around that community. Sometimes it is even a way for foreigners to get a feel for a town or city or even the country in extreme cases. It is also a good way of creating space and places. Here is a great example of space: 5 pointz, New York City.

5 Pointz – Queens, New York - Atlas Obscura

At first glance this looks like a mess and it is a mess of art. So many colors and use of space that it has become a historical land mark of sorts and has a really rich background. As for places graffiti shows up in places that not everyone would it would and should go.

With that, can we consider rock and cave art to be graffiti, because it is in places it shouldn’t be, but yet there it is just the same. It is also a good way to stick it to the man because in so many places it is illegal. Sometimes it isn’t though, if one is talented enough sometimes companies will hire people to actually spray paint, stencil, etch, bomb(this is an actual graffiti term, not blowing up buildings), and other assortments of making marks onto their buildings. A very famous stencil artist is Banksy. Their artwork is in so many different places and is supposed to bring attention the things wrong with society, history, and situations.


Banksy Collection, Banksy Graffiti, Rage Flower Thrower Banksy ...

Graffiti is also a way of showing and creating identity. It shows who you are and what your group is about in small ways. It is also gendered too. Most think that it is all men but that is a false assumption because it also has women who are involved too. Lady Pink is one wonderful example of that.

I Was a Feminist and I Didn't Know It': How Lady Pink Made a Space ...

So I think this is a very cool way of being artistic and being out there. It is even just as simple as putting your name on a train.

Q Train Bombed With Graffiti
64 Powerful Street Art Pieces That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth ...
Image]"Birds that are born in a cage think that freedom is a crime ...
Birds Born in a Cage think Freedom is a Crime

It has definitely given me new eyes to look at it and think it is amazing and can prove points.

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