So Maddie and I have been listening to some really amazing music lately. Music by the bands Heilung, Wardruna, and SKÁLD. These three bands can be considered Scandinavian folk bands with hints of metal. I would love to focus on Heilung and SKALD.

Heilung’s band members are from Denmark, Norway, and Germany. We were first introduced to this band by my brother-in-law. And Heilung is really cool for a few reasons. So according to Wikipedia they take their inspiration for their music from the Germanic peoples of the Bronze age, Iron age, and Viking age. The name of the band Heilung can be translated to healing in English. And for the most part it sounds like their music is about Norse Deitites, Jotnar(pronounced Yotnar), and Valkeries.

I love that they draw their inspiration from three different time periods that kind of just bled into one another. One of my favorite pieces from them is called Krigsgaldar. Heilung | LIFA – Krigsgaldr LIVE – Bing video I am adding a link to watch and listen to this song. Most of their music is percussive. Most of what they probably would have had at those times would be percussion instruments with the small amount of string and mouth instruments. Other songs I like of theirs are Norupo and Traust, if you wanted to listen to more of their music.

SKALD is a Swedish metal band. It sounds off-putting but it isn’t really metal much at all. To me they are more folky than anything. I like a lot more of their music much more. Both Vikings Memories and Vikings Chant are great albums to listen to. Their music covers other songs and are also about Viking deities as well. They are similar to Heilung as well with their musical instrument choices as well. SKÁLD – Rún – Bing video SKÁLD – Ódinn (Lyric Video) – Bing video Skald – Seven Nation Army – Bing video These are three of my favorite songs of theirs.

See the source image
See the source image

I hope you like the music as much as I do. Please give both a listen. Thanks, till next time.

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