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Classes this semester

Well another semester is about half way over. I am taking 4 classes this semester 3 of which are really interesting. The one that is possibly one of the most interesting classes is because of the lab associated with it. The classes is called Lithic Technology. Lithic technology is basically anything having to do withContinue reading “Classes this semester”

Extinction of megafauna

Alright it’s time for another post guys. So I wanted to post about the extinction of the megafauna in the US hundreds of years ago. Megafauna basically just big animals that weren’t dinosaurs. They were mostly large mammals like wooly rhinos, mammoths, land sloths, saber tooth’s, and more. So what was the cause for theseContinue reading “Extinction of megafauna”

The Seelie and Unseelie Courts

The seelie and unseelie courts of Scottish fairies are a particular feature of the folklore of that country; the clear separation of the faes into … The Seelie and Unseelie Courts


Sorry it has taken me so long to start blogging again. I want to start doing it every week again.


So Maddie and I have been listening to some really amazing music lately. Music by the bands Heilung, Wardruna, and SKÁLD. These three bands can be considered Scandinavian folk bands with hints of metal. I would love to focus on Heilung and SKALD. Heilung’s band members are from Denmark, Norway, and Germany. We were firstContinue reading “Music”

New update

Alright so now that I’m a month in to school I’m realizing that I’m really busy so I think I will hold off of posting so that I can focus on school and such. So I think I will start posting again during winter break between semesters. Thanks again guys for supporting the blog.

Another Update

So school starts next week. I might have to go to every other week or something like that to make sure I am focusing on school. I also wanted to say thank you everyone for being so supportive about this journey. It means a lot to me.


Not everyone assumes that graffiti would be part of archaeology, but it is. When you think of archaeology you would assume its pots, buildings, arrowheads, figurines, rock art, simply put physical objects. I would argue that isn’t true, because from what I have learned is that it is anything human made that leaves a mark.Continue reading “Graffiti”


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